PROFORCE Helmet Mounted Earmuff

• EN352 – 3 - Ear Defenders Helmet Mounted
• Large acoustic filled cups
• Compatible with all Proforce EN397 head protection
• H = 30 M=24 L=16 SNR = 26
SNR stands for Simplified Noise Level Reduction
This is a rating given to an ear defender that is subtracted from the overall sound measurement to calculate the sound pressure level at the ear when wearing this particular ear defender.
dB stands for Decibel, theunit of sound level and noise exposure measurement.
Ear Muffs consist of two ear cups that are filled with sound absorbing foam. Each cup has a soft pad made of foam. The ear cups are held in position by means of a tensioning headband.
Ear Plugs are inserted into the ear canal to seal the entrance
Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders
Ear Defenders designed to be mounted onto industrial safety helmets - they are fully adjustable so can be positioned over the ear when required, or "parked" away from the ear at other times.