HP05 White/ HP06 Yellow / HP07 Blue / HP08 Red
EN 397 Standard
5 years shelf life (see clock stamp)
440v a.c Electrical Insulation
Manufactured from high impact HDPE (UV stabilised high density polyethylene)
• 6 point webbed harness
• Fully adjustable slip ratchet headband
• Sweatband
• Low dome profit with rain channel
• Accepts all Proforce helmet accessories
• Helmet size 52-62cm
• Chin strap available – HP15
If there is a risk of falling objects or where head space is restricted it is a requirement, in almost every industry or application to use Head Protection. In addition, Head Protection provides protection against collapsing structures, protruding objects and electric shock.
• Damaged head protection must be replaced immediately
• Helmets must fit the wearer correctly
• The peak of a helmet must always be worn at the front
• The helmet must not be defaced with stickers, ink, paint or indentations
• Helmets must never be stored in direct sunlight